Just before Christmas, theater cinemas sneaked into the cinemas in August and there was definitely something to buy. The lovers of animation, action, and Tarantino got their money’s worth, so everyone had to find at least one relevant piece.

Wish the action orgies with rock and statham had a better last third. While London is like God and Ukraine, the final in Samoa is a bit too much for such light popcorn.

Shutting down the guns in combination with wild weather and hanging cars is an unnecessarily burned combination, causing the last half hour to lose your breath and pizzazz. Again, I would not collect so many points for her men, because I still have a great action ride that will not only delight the divine Vanessa Kirby, but also the Sting People Brick. If two were as funny as number one, I would have liked it over time! (7/10)

Back in Hollywood
Released: December 13, 2019
Price: 268 CZK (DVD), 448 CZK (Blu-ray), 29 € (UHD Blu-ray + Blu-ray)

I was in Hollywood twice at the time and still think it’s a weaker piece by Tarantino. Sure, Pitt and DiCaprio are the leaders, unforgettable scenes are not enough and the finale has no mistakes. But when you think of the historical context, the whole line with Sharon Tate is going nowhere (I understand that you actually can’t think, but try it on purpose), and with such great heroes, I just want to have a much more adventurous experience. Sure, Quentin has the full right to base the film on a million references from the 1950s and 1960s. But I also have the right to say that many of these things didn’t tell me much and that I would rather … well … if something had happened more often? (7/10)

Toy Story 4: toy story
Released: December 11, 2019
Price: 268 CZK (DVD), 16 € (Blu-ray)

Will we get Toy Story 5 over time? The world didn’t expect four, but Pixar put it together nine years after the three. In fact, I’m happy about it, though it’s the weakest part of the entire quadrilogy. Achilles’ heel is in this case an imbalance between time division, because Woody is the unshakable main character and everyone else plays the second violin, or they are literally extra in the film. In addition to Hanks & # 39; Cowboy, only Key and Peele may be seen as ducky and bunny cuddly toys, and the result is a hilarious family film, but not as comprehensive and clever as its predecessors. Kudos for the brave ending that pulls the impressions up significantly, but the possible five are a bit scared. (7/10)