I remember waiting twenty years for every new show as a major holiday. They usually appeared on Dark Horizons only once a week when new trailers arrived on the premieres on Friday and appeared ceremoniously on Apple’s website, which Quicktime smuggled into a variety of computers.

In the area of ​​the size of two stamps, you then looked the window into the future – the first pictures of the upcoming blockbusters. Nowadays, several trailers, spots and clips are released every day, which are mostly devoured on mobile phones on HD displays, often of the highest quality and with sound that is pumped directly into the ears. Let’s see and hack for more content. And yet there are samples every year that deserve a big screen or a straight screen. At the same time, proper analysis, be it a short label, a sturdy scalpel or a medal at the end of the year.

And that’s why we have our traditional summary article. Actually, I don’t know how long I’ve been fishing in this sea of ​​short formats (ok, it was 2005), but the first big movie trailers or surprises in which editors and dramaturges left or decided to take a new path are delighted still a holiday and a demonstration of perhaps stagnant but still first class crafts. And thanks to YouTube, we have a comparison, because today you are just a few keystrokes away to play the best trailers of the nineties and see how much this industry has developed.

So let’s turn the next sheet and dive into the best that the trailers have offered this year. Surely we don’t remember everything, so we’ll listen to your favorite comments in the comments. As usual, you will also find personal charts of active editors in the opening top who have diligently seen almost all (and all together) trailers this year. It’s hard work, but someone had to do it. For this reason, we conclude with a section about the worst that has happened to us this year. Because where there are artists, there are Patlala or only people who feel that a quality result can be achieved with a minimum of time, money and effort.

10th Emma – teaser

I’m telling you not to be the editor of the Snitches, so I’m not going to watch the demonstration. The adaptations of Jane Austen’s works mostly leave me cool (although there are a number of exceptions), and although I recognize Anya Taylor-Joy’s acting skills above all, even a combination of her talent and contemporary witnesses would probably not bring me to the cinema , But here after the introductory joke, which relies on great power and well-used music classics (who says that the songs of the long-deceased genius don’t have the right drama, just finds the right one). Sure, it won’t be Wright’s pride and prejudice. Not pride at all and prejudice against pride. Zombies, but this example often works for anyone who doesn’t record the book, which takes a year. More such surprises that look like living water.

9th Back in Hollywood trailer

That is self-tapping, ladies and gentlemen. Whatever impression you made in the last Tarantino, your second demonstration took you from head to toe in the golden sixties. And after less than three minutes, she spat you back on your timeline. Who wouldn’t want to go back a moment? The quick-cut trailer soothes a monolithic background that lasts 150 seconds, and the abundance of stars and twists that go from left to right and on the contrary are too blinding to move with you. And it does not matter that none of us have experienced this time, because Tarantino can tell by picture and sound in the trailer that you have the urge to drink a beer with DiCaprio and Pitt to hear their juicy stories. Where samples from other Tarantinos squeeze the saw and serve the buzz, there is absolute cold in Hollywood from time to time. Corresponds to a hot stone massage.

8th. Godzilla II King of Monsters – five-minute trailer

Let them watch. I probably expected too much from Godzilla directed by Michael Dougherty. The result is lukewarm in the end, but still suitable as a technology demo. But how do you cut the most effective elements together so that they look and sound in your home theater? All you have to do is feed the TV and speakers with this five-minute cat that panicked the studio so that viewers are no longer curious about Godzilla. This last twitch of the marketing campaign may not have helped (similar to the Russian IMAX trailer on Terminator), but of course the notorious trailer gadgets are happy for him, because it contains everything – the most miserable messages and the most effective actions. We narrow our eyes to the fact that there are actually two trailers in one, while the other – colored by the beautiful instrumental version of Nessun Dorma – is quite effective. Few of us want to see the second Godzilla a second time, but we all like to watch this show. And I think that speaks for itself.

7th The King & # 39; s Man: The First Mission Trailer

Kingsmans have a prepaid slot in the top ten. What to do is easier. All you need is the world’s first salt with slowdown, 24/7 action, and Ozzy’s cry for the Black Sabbath, and we’re waving a white flag. How does Matthew Vaughn do this to have such nice toys? Maybe this time they won’t do well and you know the rest. It’s not fun to drive out an attractive trailer, but it is even more difficult to keep up the pace for almost two hours. Although I have never grown fond of the First World and my first Wonder Woman has not changed my mind, I go to the cinema here in the front row. Why? Because this meticulous approach to action crafts with all ingredients must be appreciated before it finally dissolves like steam over a pot. Followers mostly lie, but I’m not entirely sure about the Vaughn. Here you can only see the money and ideas that are good at first glance.

6th Fast and furious: Hobbs and Shaw – Trailer 2

If this demonstration lasted only forty seconds, we would get everything we longed for from it. Hobbs and Shaw in the best possible light. The bonus of three (!) Minutes also includes the black Superman Idris Elba and so much action that she can knit five solid genres. Yes, it’s a classic cut for the music, the roaring bass loops of “vroom” and “wherebouts” as well as a lot of fearful fists, elbows, knees, ones and zeros. But that’s exactly the best blockbuster batter for trailer dramaturges. And they didn’t have to worry about burning it or putting much in it. It’s set up like in the factory, so why not push the gas through the floor. Hobbs and Shaw in the trailers don’t forgive anything, less in the film itself, but the campaign doesn’t get him on his knees. On the contrary, you want maximum anarchy and you get it too. One of the longest examples of the year and yet it escapes like water from a recently torn dam.

5th Avengers: Endgame – Trailer 2

We are sensitive. Outstanding music, selective colors that indicate a large sum, and an anniversary on the neck that signals the end of the era. Suddenly Kevin Feige has us where he wants us to be. In fact, we are glad that instead of taking more and more ubiquitous shots, we saw this nostalgic look back. In contrast to fasting with potatoes (see below), balancing after twenty full fasts works better in ten years because it is brought to life. The feeling of a great event is easy to grasp and soundbites sound fateful from the context of the torn and collapsed, although they make little sense. We’ll like this mainstream manipulation. Take us to the cinemas, rewrite historical charts and defeat Thanos. Whatever it takes.

4th Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Trailer 2

Exactly half of the show for the latest Star Wars is a masterful collage from previous episodes, with just the timid rumbling of John Williams. This is the universe we want to live in forever. The one on which we will put five stars from the side with the pink glasses on our nose as soon as we hear the first two tones of the main theme. And the rest? It seems impossible, but once you are shattered by memories and on the Skywalker wave, you will be ready to believe everything. Is it a joke? Finally, we have to evaluate the huge but pending campaigns by how successfully they sell their goods. And that is a masterly move, because although the whole current trilogy is characterized by nostalgia, we managed to heat under the cauldron one last time. Maybe only the cheap ending with the evil Rey is in my throat, but who would deny the trailer one of the biggest clichés – an unrelated cliffhanger that we all know is not what it seems.

Third Joker – teaser

We are already in the box and are talking about demonstrations that almost everyone should appreciate, regardless of whether they liked the end product or not. The Joker is pretty polarizing in this regard – someone thinks it is the Oscar-winning season’s black horse, the other a robbery by a Scorsese taxi driver, or other evidence of inconsistency in DC’s new work. However, a thoroughbred two-minute teaser is the most important “hero”, whether it’s Joker, Arthur or whatever, so breathtaking that huge sales in the US and elsewhere are really no wonder. It’s not just about Phoenix, who brings the maximum in character. We always have a brilliant combination of excerpts from film, recordings and music that have been surgically cut to the right note. It looks casual and simple, but that’s where the biggest trouble is. In addition, the transformation of Jimmy Durant Smile into an epic, opera-like instrumental is perhaps the most effective sub-metamorphosis of this year’s trailer season. I can listen to it over and over again. Many were afraid of a tragedy, but this demonstration was like the light at the end of the tunnel. The light of the bulldozer that overwhelmed most viewers in the cinemas. Why? Because the trailer hinted at potential without speaking any phrases or helping the characters in the comic book universe.

Second John Wick 3 trailer

And let’s go & # 39; s … According to many, John Wick 3 has too many action scenes, which of course is a blessing for trailer magicians. The whole campaign showed us that the carousel of shootings, chases and battles can be interrupted in different ways and with different musical interludes – and each time it was a four-star cool. But, as our top hotelier TedGeorge will confirm, the five-star hotel must be a chip. So the first demonstration awakens the audience’s expectations with a false Sinatra (Andy Williams – Impossible Dream) and the reason why this article is published two hours later is that I was kind of stuck on this trailer unhealthily. That’s exactly what I talked about in the introduction. Some trailers are disposable consumer goods. You let others enter your blood and remember them whenever you close your eyes. So give it a try … To fight the right thing. Without question or pause. Be ready to march. For a heavenly cause in hell.

1. Top Gun: Maverick – teaser

Top Gun still has some of the best fight scenes, we know? Because Jerry Bruckheimer was so cheeky at the time that he went to the F-14 Tomcat hunter manufacturer and asked how much it would cost to make camera mounts for these hunters. Tom Cruise was a small beer at the time, and on the copilot’s first flight he had a paper cockpit papered with a snack. Thirty years later, and a few years after Tony Scott’s death, you wonder in vain why the two are actually turning. But only until you see this trailer. Tom Cruise learned to pilot fighters not only to prove to the world that he was the greatest fool in the sun, but to finally top the aerial photography with Joseph Kosinsky. A modern look that only the director of Oblivion or the other Trone can shake his hand with an absolute retriever and bow to all pilots made of flesh and bone. Twenty seconds with Cruise behind the stick and you’re sure it will work. That’s what I call a sales pitch! Anyone who plays Kosinski’s fire department Heroes of Fire will quickly notice that the rest of the film will be in tears. So drop your prejudices and let yourself be carried away by a supersonic journey into the past. It won’t be long before these types of heroes and films are finally extinct, but the last volley needs to be fired up. And that he won the cruise twice? What to add The child is a perfectionist, and Cameron or Fincher screwed it up again this year.

Now the worst, of course. The last time I dedicated two films to Czech films and their trailers, there will only be one today. Even if the flashes are positive here and there and the new filmmakers can approach the trailer campaigns more responsibly and at least exaggerate the western cut (the second is whether they have something to fill it), headaches. The culture of hasty demonstrations, which must always include five folk strings, a bed scene, a drone shot, and a mandatory product placement, is a sad reflection of the form and content of homework. Especially the winter comedy Spindl 2. Woman runs on top a Happy New Year They form an ominous triad and an imaginary bitter cherry on a rotten cake this season. It’s not really about opening champagne in the eyes of everyone who has eyes. Hopefully the next generation of directors and producers is not in this bag and trying to go somewhere else. We are not old enough to live better tomorrow.

And that’s it, friends. Now it is your turn to document your discussion with your tips and impressions. We look forward to new additions so that there is something to write next year. Another big success can be just around the corner, and this joyful expectation is one of the drivers.