It is often difficult for child actors to free themselves from the shadows of their first roles, especially when they are so iconic that they literally know the whole world.

That was Daniel Radcliff’s first role as a young Harry Potter. In recent years, the actor has done everything possible to enroll the viewer in a different way.

Now he introduces himself in the trailer as a detained activist who fights for his freedom.

Tim Jenkin is an activist who fights for freedom. In the 1970s, he was arrested during one of the protests during apartheid and placed in Pretoria, Africa.

Along with two imprisoned comrades trying to figure out how to get out of prison. Fortunately, Tim is very skilled, so he will soon come up with an original idea to be free.

In the story, which is based on real events, the previously mentioned Daniel Radcliffe played the main role. His two fellow prisoners were played by Daniel Webber and Mark Leonard Winter.

Among others, Ian Hart or Stephen Hunter. Prison films are particularly popular in the United States. slide Escape from Pretoria However, it comes from British production so viewers can check how the UK is dealing with this problem.

The world premiere is March 6, 2020.