The experienced American director Michael Bay

Over the years, he loses shine and his latest films are for fans rather disappointing. However, the Netflix streaming service believes that Transformer developers do this So she entrusted him with a huge budget to create an iconic action spectacle as he did Once upon a time with Mizers. Ryan takes the lead Reynolds and the film 6 Underground: Secret Operations. But great expectations Not.

The nameless billionaire has faked his own death and is forming a team of renegades (who also pretend to die) with different abilities and begins a fight against a dictator from a fictional country. Every team member is identified by a number that they call each other. He may not create links to the outside world and live in absolute anonymity. Every mission is more important than someone on the team. This changes with the arrival of the new member he is for
individual life more.

Significant action scenes …

Bay will not give the viewer a chance to comfortably settle down it in action immediately. The first twenty minutes are a montage of the ultimate action Scenes, distinctive musical background and a sensation. I don’t remember when I am the last time he saw a similar uncompromising film screening. Epic action scenes are Bay & # 39; s domain during his creative career, so it’s no surprise that he’s so big Part of the budget went into this discipline.

The film is basically a big action, it is the need to address it. The spectacular chase is great combined with the parkour skills of a team member – “Four”. use This character in action scenes is absolutely great. Everything added
cut pictures from the GoPro camera. This only confirms that Michael Bay can take the action bravurně.

… Compensate for the zero scenario

The stumbling block is traditionally a scenario today.
Although the film goes beyond the two-hour footage, the screenwriters couldn’t
to properly introduce the top six heroes. We don’t know their motivation enough.
Your previous life can only be read from fast and confusing flashbacks
(and only for some characters).

These different signs cannot be identified credibly

and connect, and the result is that the viewer has a problem understanding their behavior and
sympathize with them. It may sound secondary, but let’s keep that in mind the most popular campaign series of the present, in which a team of different characters appears partially replacing the family, such as Fast and Furious or Mission: Impossible.

The cast is in my eyes
unique Mélanie Laurent. Graceful blonde, best known from Shameful
panchards perfectly managed to combine the hardness and attraction of a secret agent and
Helps improve the overall movie experience. Leading actor Ryan Reynolds is
appears in her typical role in which she reports six hundred. Unfortunately at 6
The subway is not fully operational, although Bay and Reynolds are in this position
testifies best (we can thank the bad scenario again). He is also very young
Ben Hardy as Parkourist Four.

6 Subway: Secret Operations are available at
Netflix streaming service. I think the overall feeling of the film would be enough
another if we could see him in the cinema. Visually
especially the spectacular action scenes that are blessed here. Maybe I would
As a result, he overlooked some of the horrors of the scriptwriting.


director: Michael Bay
Scenario: Rhett Reese
processing: Roger Barton, William Goldenberg, Calvin Wimmer
Camera: Bojan Bazelli
Music: Lorne Balfe
Actor: Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Sebastian Roche, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Kim Kold, Juri Kolokolnikov, Payman Maadi, Lior Raz, Lidia Franco, James Murray, Lukhanyo Bele, Daniel Adegboyega, Roger Nevares, Konstantin Gregor, Tauras Cizas