Oscar-winner Bill Condon presented his latest film A perfect lieFor the first time in history, living legends such as Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren meet here.

This is also the basis of the film, which unfortunately he can no longer offer – only the actor’s concert.

Do you like films that are so perfect that even their stories no longer seem real? Do you like characters who are extremely smart? Who always knows where exactly? Who knows exactly what they did in the afternoon fifty years ago and where?

The perfect lie is Film just for you. But if you don’t like the impossible perfection, you may find it strange how this and that character got there exactly where they didn’t know, and you might want to tear your hair off the picture. It is full of special perfection and precision. In contrast, it struggles with the genre. Is it a drama, a thug, or a revenge thriller?

Overflowing topics

We watch two older characters on the computers, each at home. Both on the internet dating site. She and he. She speaks a date, what happens then. He would stay with her this week, but there was no love between them. So A perfect lie it starts and it’s all you need to know Then you see an hour and a half of the film that you sometimes understand and don’t understand.

It’s so different. Then, after an hour of footage, a kind of misleading flashback suddenly appears and you see the subject of the film change. What you thought is no longer. And you are no longer interested in what is suddenly going on.

In other words, the film offers two main themes that are not related at all, but it does because otherwise, it would not be spectacular enough. One topic is not enough! Maybe they are trying to connect the impossible. He works strangely with the plot, shuffles cards, changes topics, changes the environment, changes the way the characters think and much more, which means that the viewer cannot decide what to focus on. We have a young relationship (friendly or maybe romantic) between Mirren and McKellen.

We have McKellen’s illegal fraudulent business and related problems. We also have McKellen’s story about which we learn some nasty things that try to become the main theme of the film by working with the retrospective. The viewer is suddenly confused and lost.

Condon against it

Bill Condon is obviously a man with many faces or at least a great creative contrast. It is strange when a person shoots at the end of the last century Gods and monsters, with which she wins an Oscar for the best-adapted screenplay, and a few years ago she directed the teenage saga dusk, The fact that Condon had a distinctive or unique style cannot be said with certainty.

Bill Condon is one such worker in today’s Hollywood and many others, and his films can be classified as a more average production based on high-quality content and performances.

If we can call something a Condons brand, it’s well-directed situations and great work with world-class actors (the question, of course, is how much is thanks to the director and how experienced are the actors).

is quickly confirmed. Condon made his debut in the late 1990s with mysterious thriller sisters with Jennifer Jason Leigh another great achievement was introduced in 1998 that was just mentioned Gods and monster with Ian McKellen.

He followed me, Kinsey, then with Liam Neeson dream Girls then came the season with Jamie Foxx dusk, then Benedict Cumberbatch appeared WikiLeaks, then again Ian McKellen v Mr. HolmesA year ago Condon introduced a new adaptation – to put it quite well – Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson.

Unique connection

And again this year Ian McKellen, Condon’s favorite. With Helen Mirren, one of the most important and busy actresses of today, English elegance was shown for the first time. If you’ve really tried a lot to find it Perfect lies Something extraordinary, it would probably only be because the two stars of world cinema, both of whom have been playing since the early 1970s, never meet.

It is really remarkable. And only here can you find out in an otherwise average film about betrayal, love, justice and other popular topics of today’s Hollywood, what energy these actors can bring together on screen. This is the only reason you want to watch this film for the rest.

If you let go of everything wrong and illogical (or too logical) in the film and even forgive him, he will not forget to end up mentioning the two themes of the 21st century that miraculously emerged in the last five minutes because they fit not really in, but if it weren’t there, you could accuse Condon of racism and homophobia … So if Perfect lies you can forgive all of this, at least you can imagine this film as a successful actor concert.

Paradoxical to the end

There is definitely no mistake in the actors, casting is famous. The basic problem arises as in the scenario. The story that takes place in London in 2009 could be interesting, but if it weren’t so perfect and accurate. Everything fits together perfectly. Too suspicious. Everything is absolutely perfect and perfect. It ended the way you imagined it, because that’s how it works in revenge thrillers today. He always wins the good. After leaving the cinema you have absolutely nothing to think about, since Condon’s explanation to be described explains everything. The film does not ask questions and tells everything. Paradoxically, he suffers from perfection.

The good liar
USA, 2019, 109 min
Drama / crime
director: Bill Condon
Scenario: Jeffrey Hatcher
Actor: Helen Mirren, Ian McKellen, Russell Tovey, Joohannes Haukur Joannesson, Jim Carter and others