Director Tom Hooper doesn’t have too many films. But he can be proud that his films are not only very popular with viewers, but are also highly praised by film critics and are also successful with film awards. Next year he will introduce a new musical to his fans. He decided to immortalize one of the most famous Broadway musicals cats.

Tom Hooper was born in London in 1972. Already in his 12 years, he decided to become a director and confirmed his success in harvesting his homemade film, which was broadcast in the competition by young filmmakers on the BBC. He got his first paid job at Oxford University.

Film by Daniel Deronda

His work was influenced by the BBC, where he made several commercials, but it wasn’t until he met producer Matthew Robinson that he offered him the job of a television director. During his time at the BBC, he made several television films. His first work was a film Daniel Deronda,

His film debut came in 2004 with a drama Red dustThe main roles were played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and Hilary Swank. This powerful political thriller is dedicated to the illegal torture of blacks during apartheid. Another film was a British comedy Cursed club, tells the story of the football club coach, the football champions at the time.

King’s speech

His most successful film to date is a biographical film King’s speech about the life of George VI, who sat on the throne after the abdication of his older brother and struggles with speech errors. The Lionel Logue helps him stutter. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush have excelled in the leading roles. The film won four Oscars, one for a director and one for best film.

Two more successes followed. musical misery with famous actors such as Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe or Anne Hathaway. The musical, based on the book by French author Victor Hugo, won three Oscars, including Anne Hathaway, who was recognized as the best actress in a supporting role. In 2015 he launched his latest film achievement, the film Dane who introduced the story of the famous Danish painter Einar Wegener. He had always felt more female than male and had to undergo surgery to change gender at the end. The film won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.


Hooper not only stayed with films, he also made several very successful television series. For example, he worked with Helen Mirren on the Queen Elizabeth I series and made a mini-series from the HBO production about President John Adams with Paul Giamatti in the lead role.

Now we can look forward to a film adaptation of the Broadway musical Cats, which will premiere on January 9, 2020.