We will start this year’s charts with the selection of the best films that we have seen in Czech cinemas all year round.

We have limited the selection to only ten since it should be borne in mind that this year it is streaming services (Netflix). And of course, we also have the make-up on it.

10. Favoritka

Favoritka is an unusual film, I would call it absurd. It’s definitely not a movie for everyone, it depends a lot on your sense of humor, but I’m sure he’ll find his fans. I think this is the best film from Lanthimos’ work.

The script is brilliantly written, it is difficult to write characters so you hate them and feel sorry for them. The strongest point is undoubtedly acting.

I would have given her an Oscar for Emma, ​​Rachel and especially Olivia, who rules the film and plays the Queen brilliantly. In addition, the story is accompanied by contemporary music and some scenes are enlivened by special settings such as the fisheye style.

Written by Tereza Filounková | Review | trailer

John Wick 3

There is no point in lying. John Wick is and has always been perfect, almost invisible elsewhere in A production. The action, which practically does not stop, is brutal, bloody and breathtaking. Every aspect of the picture is subordinate to and serves exactly this purpose. Effectiveness and almost joyful purity of the scenes, often in a setting or with a minimum of cuts in which one wonders how much work and careful preparation for the work needs to be done.

Chad Stahelski, Keanu Reeves and everyone involved are people, craftsmen, and I swallowed it for the third time. In this respect, I forgive the film to the absurd endurance of the main character, who would surely put Robocop “on the booth” and Terminator in tow.

As well as the fact that you may get a bit bored at the end of the film (like me) and the number of people, injuries and punches the hero is exposed to in a short amount of time can seem pretty absurd. However, this is insignificant compared to the experience.

If you liked the previous parts, do not hesitate. This one – taken around and around, even better! The transformation of the surprising but quite intimate space of action in the magnum opus of the stuntman craft (and a great honor for him) thrives tremendously and uncomplicated than anyone would think …

Written by Tomáš Lesk | Review | trailer

8. Back in Hollywood

For myself, I can say that although I enjoyed the film very much and went to the cinema twice, it is not one of the best Tarantino films. Maybe for the first time, I had the impression that it could get a little shorter in almost three hours and it wouldn’t matter much.

The film is often compared to Tarantino’s filmography in the reviews and articles pulp FictionHowever, the pace and style of the narrative comes closest Jackie Brown, On the other hand, if you are an expert on westerns and even films from the 1950s and 1960s, you will enjoy every detail, poster, keyword or quote that literally overflows the film. This is just a film from connoisseurs to connoisseurs.

If you’re worse at this stage of filmmaking, you’ll remain a long, crafted, perfectly crafted and portrayed film with a great sense of time and a brilliantly impressive finale that’s surprisingly surprising and simple (not to mention the perfect soundtrack).

The violence and brutality in the film boldly reflect how everything happened in reality. Just as it is common with Tarantino, everything is a little different here (as the name itself suggests and the beginning of the fairy tale). And it’s worth it.

7. Folder 64

Folder 64 is one of the jewels of Nordic crime. It examines the current sociopolitical problems associated with a raw detective story, with a slightly breakneck plot that revolves around a trio of mummified corpses in the center of Copenhagen in a natural and honest manner.

The mischievous central investigative couple with their hops uncovered the scandalous background of the story, which lacks a bit of ingenious timelessness, but hopefully is all the more up-to-date. If, like me, you haven’t seen any parts of the series yet, don’t despair and go to the cinema. Ideally in a slightly depressed mood that reliably pops the atmosphere of component 64, perhaps due to the disgustingly naive finale.

Written by Martin Steinbach | Review | trailer

6. Rocketman

Rocketman is different from most similar files. But it still essentially resembles them. With all the clichés, templates, but also the associated positives. It is less a biographical film than a fantasy musical. But it’s actually more dynamic Bohemian rhapsody, So, in the end, a bigger finale is missing. The film ends with the main character at the top again and you wonder if all of this is for a classic pictorial summary and a comparison of the photos from the film with the real ones.

No significant point is missing, a moment that would define the film that resembles the story of Freddie and his colleagues who appear at the Live Aid concert. Furthermore, unlike Mercury, Elton (as cynical as it may sound now) is still alive, so there isn’t the sad (but almost electrifying) presence of the artist’s death to which the Queen referred, though none in the film gave real death. However, this is a minor complaint.

Rocketman has succeeded in doing much more than paying homage to his work is a colorful look back at the life plans of a musical legend. No erection of the monument, but reconciliation with your destiny. And Taron Egerton is a great actor and a singing talent.

5. Le Mans & # 39; 66

Le Mans & # 39; 66 is a beautifully filmed film from which it purifies pure film craft. It is a film that not only looks good but also works in every other way. There is no lack of dynamism and tension on the surface of almost three hours of film material.

It is a film about the love of racing, but also about friendship. It offers a story full of twists and turns behind the scenes of the automotive and Ford design team that is hard to believe, although a dramatic arc seems to have written life itself. Regardless of whether the events depicted took place as on the screen or not, the characters are believable and realistic thanks to the great script and the casting. The chemistry between Damon and Bal showed the camaraderie of the right friend.

I liked that, unlike other biography films, there wasn’t a big race here, but what followed. Anyone who knows the next fate of Ken Miles knows it. Standing out from a number of popcorn and mainstream films, this film is one of the most distinctive and best achievements you’ll see in theaters by the end of the year. It is worth paying attention to.

4. Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame spectacularly concludes a decade and 22 films into a three-hour epic mosaic. Technically speaking (the effects show what is possible with CGI today) the film is obviously crazy down to the last detail. There is a wave of expectations and nostalgia.

At the same time, fans have their arms full to do what they want. He concludes some of the debates that were based on the films (knowing that some geek fantasies come true here), but they’re not afraid to make not only partial changes in the character’s appearance but real somersaults, Plot, character, everything. There is a lot of talk about this film. He uses the least expensive methods to track past events at first glance and manages to be unpredictable and unique through a secret. I was very worried about some heroes for the first time. Because I didn’t know who would survive.

And in some places, I was really surprised. And the bottom line? Well, wait for the film. It is power. Like this whole film. Marvel sometimes didn’t enjoy me, the pattern of most solos bothered me. This is not the case here. That caught me. Kevin Feige and the Russo could not only meet the expectations but maybe even exceed them. And that is definitely not enough. If you like MCU, sit on your ass …

Written by Tomáš Lesk

3. Joker

joker Of course, in addition to the atmosphere, it is based on the excellent performance of Joaquin Phoenix, who may have put all the other filmmakers of this role in his pocket. Paradoxically, it is his greatest asset that makes him such a good film – that it is not very funny.

It is the tragicomedy of a troubled fate of an insignificant, sick person who gets into the epicenter of great events – and is then its symbol and a biased impulse that falls into the arms of madness in search of its own past and identity. It also draws a series of shades of cult figures that are known to virtually everyone who is not entirely indifferent to modern pop culture.

Diving into the comic universe DC and the connection with a certain hero (little Bruce Wayne can already be seen in the trailer) becomes clear in the end if everything somehow fits and the influence of the main actor is fully expressed. Uncompromising, bloody and brutal – this is a bold film that, despite everything, is not afraid to be extremely imaginative and has revolutionary potential in many ways. Many comic book fans are not happy, but otherwise, I find it difficult to find negative. The feedback from Venice was certainly not a lie. This is a film event.

Written by Tomáš Lesk

2. Green Paper

This road movie undoubtedly deserves all film awards and nominations. Among other things, it deals with the dark era of American history without overly moralizing the pages of the problem and dividing them into “good and bad”. Farelly has managed to cast the film excellently, and it is Mortensen and Ali’s performances that have taken the history of Vallelonga and Shirley to a higher level.

So if you are their fans or like the 1960s in the US, racial issues, or all at once, I recommend Green book to visit in cinemas. In addition to the spectacular spectacle, you will also lose sight of the retired Aragorn with its beer belly and incredible appetite.

Written by Lenka Hrůzová | Review | trailer

1. Parasite

The Cannes Festival winner is different. Not as original as fresh. Absorbent. And very funny. It is a delicious dish made from a variety of ingredients that do not interfere with each other and work perfectly as a whole. Although it’s not a film of the year for me personally, it’s an interesting phenomenon. A comparison with my favorite director is definitely appropriate.

This is due to the difficult definition and encapsulation of genres, but also due to the bold unpredictability. Somewhat sad in a little lack of tension, and even though the finale is heavily graduated, it contrasts too much with the first half of the film, in which so much has been done. Still – a parasite is a film that is best experienced. Feel it first hand with all the symbolism embedded in this saying. Read the commendable reviews and comments in the databases. Go to him. Once.

Twice. And then examine the difference that impressed you in both views. I am planning it and although it is a great and entertaining film experience (the film just seems to have everything you could want from this sentence), I missed something there. And maybe something shows up after repeated projections (similar to the Tarantino, where I really appreciated some later) …