The director Tom Hooper (Danish girl) has decided to bring the world-famous musical to the pitcher. In its back is a star throw and a strong model. However, the question is whether a British musical full of people, portrayed as cats, has the potential for a film spectacle at all.

Thanks to the strange animation, even the first trailers triggered at least mixed reactions, as if someone was only “stuck” the faces of the actors. But there will surely be enough time to criticize (or praise) the new film. Let’s look at what preceded this film.

So, apart from the rumors from overseas about the upcoming problems and poorly managed CGI, let’s go back to the beginning. Namely until the 1980s and home to many British theaters – in the West End of London, where the musical was staged in 1981 (when it was premiered) today by world-famous composer Andrew Lloyd Weber. He also has a “trick” for example Phantom of the operaor Jesus Chris superstar, The history of the cats, as well as most of the songs, are referenced and are based directly on the collection of poems A practical guide for cats (Old Opossums Book of Practical Cats) by Thomas Stearns Eliot.

Cats are generally considered one of the best non-American musicals ever. The title song from it – Memory, is one of the most recorded and played songs in recent decades. It is also worth noting that the only one does not come from the book above. Several more or less successful performances and productions of the musical took place in the Czech Republic (RockOpera Prague – 2004, Brno City Theater – 2013 etc.).

One of the most famous (TV) edits probably dates from 1998, when John Mills and Elaine Paige played the leading roles. In this case, David Mallet took over.

And what is it about?

“The story takes place on a legendary cat ball that takes place once a year and in which a selected cat always has the chance of a new life. The elections are made by the oldest of them, maybe only they know the rules, but everyone tries what their abilities and strengths are to make them the chosen ones. “

The musical can definitely boast an outstanding cast. Emmy award winner James Corden, Oscar winner Judi Dench, platinum-awarded singer and songwriter Jason Derulo, Golden Globe award winner Idris Elba, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, Oscar nominee Ian McKellen, Grammy award winner Taylor Swift, comedy star Rebel Wilson and royal member ballet Francesca Hayward, these sounding names promise an unforgettable show.

The above-mentioned director of the film Tom Hooper presented the film version of the musical to the world miserywho won three golden statuettes from eight Oscar nominations. But there is also a film on the list King’s speechwho won him an Oscar for best director. Behind the script for the musical cats is the British screenwriter Lee Hall, who also wrote screenplays for films Billy Elliot. war horse. Victoria and Abdul or a music film about Elton John Rocketman,

What did the participants say about the project?

“I felt like a director on the set every day, but more like a coach for a top-class sports team,” says Tom Hooper, who did a perfect job in his quest for excellence. Everyone involved is a master of their field, at Cats the legendary Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Idris Elba meet with stars of contemporary pop music Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo. The first ballerina of the Royal Ballet Francesca Hayward shines in dance sequences alongside Les Twins, arguably the best hip-hop dancers of today. They all turn into cats, sing and dance in a fairytale world from a cat’s perspective. “I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland,” said Judi Dench of filming in oversized settings.

CinemArt will be shown in Czech cinemas on January 9, 2020.