Are you one of the lovers of this wonderfully ironic series about a very strange family with something like Frankenstein and Ručka? Then we have two reports for you. The first is bad – you are old. But the other one is good – the Addams are back. Although not as funny in the animated version, some of the original poetics that are missing in two feature films are back. You will also learn how they got their great (actually bad) seat.
from the film Addams Family

It is not surprising that people do not like differences very much. So it’s no problem to bring them with the torches and pitchforks to those who are “weird” and others. Don’t you know it from somewhere? The slogan: “We don’t want the Addams here …” may sound familiar or not? So we can not be surprised that the villagers haunt this strange family of strange creatures. They are so different beings.

Bad bad house. Ideal place to start a family

In short, finding a quiet place to live is not easy for this family. Even Gomez and Morticia’s wedding will be almost tragic, because angry people will believe that being different must be destroyed. Fortunately, however distorted they are, members of this family can even use swords. The duty to defend the family is part of the family tradition. With the help of a chubby Uncle Fester, the two fiancées manage to get to safety in the animated version of more than anything reminiscent of the likeable Puchmeloun. But will they ever be safe? But they still don’t want to run, so they go to the only place where it’s terrible to live for monsters. Although you may think they are going to Brno, the Addams will choose New Jersey.

An (unfortunate) coincidence wants a strange figure in a straitjacket to roam the night street right behind the sign. Addam’s car hits her out of bad luck. He is an out of control patient, probably the last to be housed in an abandoned psychiatric clinic on a nearby hill. The building looks so horribly ugly and the cemetery is over … It’s hard to venture. And a very aggressive goal keeps the outside world away. This seems to be the perfect place for a young couple to raise their children. It is enough for Lurch to wipe the whole house from time to time. In addition, the hand is always at hand, so what you might miss here. Unfortunately, the world is changing below the hill, so the conflict is not long in coming. Exactly thirteen years, actually.

from the film Addams Family

Animated return to the roots

In the 1990s, the filmmakers tried to build on the original series with three feature films. No matter how successful the first two were (Return of the Addams family in 1998 was a complete flop), they were unable to face the subtle poetics. The series skilfully balances between irony and parody and hides the films in the fine network of black (in both meanings of the word) and dry humor. Pictures are often jokes and play with the dark. The Addams then look like embarrassing EMO fans.

from the film Addams Family

The animated version of the stories of this family is played by Greg Tiernan, who has so far only published the popular Thomas Masquerade. If you know the original series, this director’s work seems to know your children. Conrad Vernon worked with him, who took the direction of Madagascar and Shrek. And when you link their works, you have a pretty interesting idea of ​​what the cartoon version of Addams looks like. The possibilities of 3D animation are great today, and although the filmmakers don’t rely on full photo-realism, Morticia in particular is almost perfectly similar to their film duo. Despite all the visual differences, the actors and animated characters, especially the fans of the show, connect instantly.

from the film Addams Family

Capturing characters, or if you want to have the soul, is really successful here.
History will not resist some moralization and pathos, which is a little difficult to absorb. The new look of this family is nowhere near as funny as the original series, but a little better than the film. Even a few really dry quirks will succeed.

from the film Addams Family

Like when Wednesday comes to school for the first time and immediately recognizes: “Oh, this is a prison for young offenders …” It is true that some modern conveniences such as cell phones seem somewhat inappropriate, as do the hand-finding feet on the Internet , Overall, the story is quite lively despite the occasional somersaults and loops. Difficult to say if the film will keep children entertained, fans of this silly family might like it.


director: Conrad von Vernon, Greg Tiernan
Scenario: Matt Lieberman
processing: Kevin Pavlovic, David Ian Salter
Music: Mychael Danna, Jeff Danna
Instrumentation (parts – original version): Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, Conrad Vernon, Snoop Dogg, Allison Janney, Elsie Fisher, Tituss Burgess, Pom Klementieff, Chelsea Frei, Jenifer Lewis, Martin Short, Catherine O & # 39 ; Har, Aimee Garcia, Scott Underwood, Mikey Madison, Deven Green, Maggie Wheeler and Harland Williams