Jiří Havelka is probably mainly known as an actor. He became known to some of them as a member of the cabaret theater VOSTO5, which is known for its highly original productions both in its form and in nature, while others are familiar with it from a number of films and series in which it appeared. He is not only an actor, but also a screenwriter and director, as his latest film shows owner,

Every member of the SVJ knows that every home is such a small and extremely diverse community. Now when the community meets, things start to happen. And that’s exactly what the owners decided to tell. A house meeting discusses an ordinary house in about an hour and a half. The owners include, for example, the pedantic Mrs. Roubíčková, who represents the supervisory body of the SVJ and is in full power, the young and idealistic husbands Zahrádek, the talkative and overly divided Mrs. Horvátová or Mr. Kubát, who consequently sabotages everything better with earlier. Every owner has his story, his secrets, his motives and goals that come to light gradually …

The first hurried minutes (intentional action) that accompany the arrival of the individual owners to the meeting after a while are replaced by a stable and quite strict meeting room in which the house meeting is to be held. Practically the entire story takes place in the same environment (with the exception of a few cuts), which ultimately works very well.

If you summarize most of the story in one, the space can focus on the characters and ongoing dialogues without distracting. They play an outstanding role as a catalyst or igniter in the context of the action and the dialogue. It won’t be long before the first conflict breaks out in such a diverse group of people with different interests in a medium-sized room. And every other word seemed to lead to a different argument that revealed a new secret.

The signs are believed to be written, and the viewer will likely recognize someone in their circle in almost everyone. Each role is human and multi-layered, but still represents a stereotype of a member of the SVJ or perhaps “one of their faces” that is strengthened and accentuated by other features.

Although the scenario itself is great, the individual owners wouldn’t be a fraction of what they were if they weren’t that great and fitting. It is obvious and understandable that the actors believed in this project and the people behind it, even though some almost stopped playing, which is very good. ansambl owner is absolutely dreamy. All managers have fulfilled their tasks perfectly and the individual relationships between them, dynamics and chemistry in the team work excellently.

The authors chose a fairly simple and general topic. During the film, however, the viewer is reliably convinced that even such a topic (perhaps only one) can be achieved with a small team in order to effectively illustrate many social issues and situations. In addition, the story is told with some exaggeration and served as an excellent bittersweet comedy from life. The only criticism I can think of is that the film sometimes falls too much on different stereotypes and abbreviations. However, these are often explained / justified by the action and the need to convey something and do not affect the overall impression.

And the icing on the cake of this film is its originality, simplicity and yet concise design of its poster.


If you are curious owner and for some reason hesitate to go, go. If you didn’t know about it yet, watch the trailer / read something and go or go now. And if you’re not interested, give it a second chance. owner are a great bittersweet (mostly) comedy that is probably best described in the official description “Comedy for those who weren’t. A drama for those who live by it. “At the same time, it’s not an original relaxation show. Of course, it is entirely possible to approach the film, laugh at the jokes and be happy to leave the film out. In my opinion, it is better to pay full attention to the film (which it undoubtedly deserves), read between the lines, enjoy the parallels between such a small community and a larger social unit, and simply maintain all the levels that the Film offers.

Czech Republic, 2019, 97 min
Comedy / drama
director: Jiří Havelka
Scenario: Jiří Havelka
Actor: Tereza Ramba. Vojtěch Kotek, Dagmar Havlová, Jiri Labus, Pavla Tomicova, Ondrej Maly, Klara Meliskova, Krystof Hadek, Stanislav Majer, David Novotny, Andrej Polak, Ladislav Trojan and others.