Autism spectrum disorders complicate a “normal” life for both patients and those around them. However, the more intensely diseases appear in this category, the more difficult it is to get the help of specialists because there are only a few specialized medical facilities. However, this is in a new slide exceptionally decided to change Bruno, who gave the opportunity to children and adolescents who suffered from the most severe forms of autism and with whom hospitals and institutes could no longer cope. But his practice does not please the bureaucrats, so there is a risk that his practice will be closed permanently.

Bruno started as an educator in the children’s camps when desperate Joseph’s parents turned to him to help him. It was an autistic man who communicated violently with the environment, social standards didn’t say much to him, and all nursing homes refused him. Bruno gave him a chance, however, and after returning from the camp, the young man returned as a barter. Instead of going on strike, he learned to speak from seizures, and overall he managed to adapt much better in society. Joseph became Bruno’s first congregation, which inspired him to create a private facility that specializes in caring for autistic youth day and night. However, this was not Bruno’s only benefit to society, as autism was cared for by teenagers from excluded areas to give them the chance of a better future instead of hanging out on the streets of Paris.

But the fact that the nurses are inexperienced and without official training or medical qualifications has bothered the officials of the General Inspectorate for Social Affairs, who Bruno and his team began to check to see if they could continue their activities. Bruno is completely immersed in his work and devotes all his time and energy so much that he completely neglects his personal life. Of course, he is noticed by his surroundings, and so he is constantly being shoveled, a blind Jewish appointment that often ends catastrophically because of Bruno’s excessive employment. This is one of the reasons why his excessive interest in inspectors irritates him, as his team usually oversees several dozen stations and another fifty candidates are on the waiting list because they cannot provide them due to capacity reasons.

exceptionally come to theaters with a comedy label, but this genre is a bit reserved. Yes, the viewer gets funny scenes of Joseph repeatedly stopping the subway at rush hour because he’s a block from the entrance under the bridge, or when Bruno’s colleague Malik instructs prospective staff that the final report of the day should contain more words than God / cool ”and the like. The creators, however, primarily provide an embellished picture of the other side of the system that cannot cope with the young autistic. Some of them administer medication to alleviate the symptoms of the disorder, others even refuse to accept it if their symptoms are too difficult to manage. But there are also organizations like Brunova that give these fragile souls the opportunity to leave the four walls of psychiatric facilities so that they can ride a horse or skate on ice, for example. Activities that many of us see as routine can be very stressful for autistic people and initially no longer manageable. However, consistency is the key to success. As a result, Malik and his young caregivers always offer patients opportunities for self-development, and over time, many of them respond more positively to this approach than to medication and sewing on a hospital bed.

The authenticity of the film is further enhanced by the fact that the duo Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano have spent two years in facilities that care for patients with autism spectrum disorders. In addition, the character of Bruno is based on her true friend and caregiver Stéphane Benham, who takes care of one of Toledo’s family members who suffer from autism. In this way, the creators have had their own experiences with the disease and even managed to involve real autistic patients without any acting experience. Nakache and Toledano have been working together for many years, exceptionally You are already your seventh film. The biggest success was her film untouchable about the wealthy four-time Phillip and his supervisor Driss, who bring his appetite to life due to new practices and immediate behavior.

The director-screenplay duo chose Vincent Cassel for the character of Bruno (Purple River, Black Swan, Transetc.) who played his role perfectly. Like Bruno, he was able to embody the caregiver’s frustration at fighting a bureaucratic apparatus whose officials knew nothing of the difficulties of his daily work. At the same time, he was always a patient helper full of optimism for young autistic people who tried to face the dangers of everyday life. Although Bruno did not know how often the situation would develop, the slogan “I will solve it somehow” was always heard. As a partner in the roles of Malik Cast Nakache and Toledano actor Red Katebo (Prophet, 30 minutes past midnight), which created a more spirited “counterpart” to reassure Bruno. Malik mainly worked on teaching new nurses, and since they were often children from problematic neighborhoods, he had to be able to “improve” them. Everyone will love the character of autistic Joseph, who is a loyal washing machine lover and likes to check people’s patterns on socks. It is the delicate relationship between him and Bruno that replaces the role of the father in the eyes of the young man, which is one of the most moving parts of the extraordinary. Joseph is played by Benjamin Lesieur, then Marco Locatelli as autistic Valentin, or Bryan Mialoundama as guardian of Dylan.


exceptionally They are unlikely to become as global a phenomenon as they were untouchableHowever, this does not reduce the quality. In their film, Nakache and Toledan pointed out the avarice and hopelessness of the situation in which families of young children with severe autism find themselves. With the exception of organizations similar to Brunova, no one takes these patients without a depressant. Although these care facilities may not have all the permits and meet the required standards, they must exist and continue to function. exceptionally They deal with the difficult situations that young autistic people and their carers can deal with sensitively and with a dose of adequate humor without arousing compassion or tastelessly attacking their feelings.

Exceptional / Hors norms
FR, 2019, 114 min, comedy
director: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb, Helen Vincent, Bryan Mialoundama, Alban Ivanov and others