The era of a big hit began six years ago. Disney Studio has released animations Ice Kingdomthat quickly conquered the hearts of many of us, children and adults. Since then, it has not only filled screens, but also many shelves in various stores. The names of the two princesses, the snowman, the mountaineer and the reindeer, are inflected everywhere, and it is no wonder that the sequel was tense and far-sighted.

In the first Ice Kingdom We found that Princess Elsa has a very powerful magical power. But where did she come from? Why does Elsa have it? He could find the answer if he followed a voice he heard from somewhere in the distance. And so everyone – Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven – embark on an adventurous journey, which may result in the rescue and destruction of Arendell.

Successful and successful first episodes always make a whip. Obviously, the box office success and the good reactions mean that sooner or later another part is planned. The audience is thrilled, after all, they liked the first film so much. With a few exceptions, the sequel remains in the shadow of the original film. Unfortunately, the same is the case Ice Kingdom.

The second part refers to the corrugated tracks and the models that have been tested and verified by the first. Again, one of the main roles is Elsa’s power, in the game the fate of the whole kingdom and the whole group sets off on an adventure and (maybe) a rescue. However, the creators of this scheme have managed to come up with a fairly original story and motif that, although perhaps three predictable, is not bent and bored.

The characters we fell in love with six years ago are sure not to be bored. Although they are a little older and a little changed, they retain their characteristics. We will see a lot of jokes again, teasing, love for sisters, sometimes a bit awkward behavior and much more.

And of course it wouldn’t Ice Kingdom without a lot of catchy melodies, cool lyrics and just a soundtrack that you couldn’t get out of your head for a while. It is not a soundtrack of a big hit, but an equally good and pleasant series to listen to (at least in the original version, but I have no doubt that the Czech is also successful).

Given that it is a film by a well-established studio that knows animation and that it may not have had any doubts about the quality of the animation and that it emphasizes or praises it, a (albeit true) song is already being played. But in the Frozen version, in addition to the latest animation, the play of colors also works excellently. These not only frequently illustrate and accompany the characters in the background, but also serve as a good narrative and enrich the whole story.


As is almost the rule in the sequel to the others Ice Kingdom for a great first episode. Despite all the shortcomings, this is a relatively successful sequel, for which the first part would certainly not be ashamed. The story follows certain certainties and verified patterns, but even in them he finds a new perspective and a different motive. The songs are catchy, easy to listen to with good lyrics (at least in the original version). Overall, this is not a very extraordinary achievement, the comparison with the first part certainly does not suit him, but on the other hand, if he takes himself, it is still a nice break and a nice way to spend less than two hours.

Frozen II
USA, 2019, 103 min
Animated / Musical / Fantasy / Adventure / Comedy / Family
director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee
Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Evan Rachel Wood, Alfred Molina and others.