When the remake of the classic family adventure movie starring Robin Williams was announced, few expected it to be a box-office hit with a nice cast and great action.

But it really did. Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle It was a very pleasant surprise when the Magic Board was rebuilt to this day and has literally become an absorber for video games.

A few years have passed and we have a sequel. Has it achieved the qualities of its predecessor?

Of course, with this type of film, we cannot expect who knows how deep or innovative the plot is. On the contrary, we can start with a typical disease that is inherent in most sequels – striving for a bigger, more optimistic, and more epic outcome that somehow loses the essence of what was good in the first part. It should be said at the outset that this is not a new case Jumanji, It turned out that the filmmakers knew the advantages of the first film very well and didn’t have to change anything. Just because the whole concept of the story is basically not original and it was a fresh start for the first time and thus recycling something familiar (although for example Zathura by Jon Favreau from 2005 is something very similar).

In short, an original or groundbreaking approach to the fabric is not expected. However, if you go into the picture that you like a family recreation in the middle of winter that could look better in the theaters in the summer, this is a spectacle tailored for you. Basically, it’s practically the same story mustr, just enriched with a few new elements, but don’t disturb the fun we got last time. Obviously, the most interesting new element (besides the location changes and some frame changes in the virtually identical main story – which can be excused by the fact that it’s a replacement; another level of the same game) is the duo in the form of Danny DeVit and Danny Glover. mix old friends. And of course the role of game avatars is somewhat overlooked (one of which has already attracted them) trailerů). It’s really worth seeing Dwayne Johnson upset or confused. Regarding the comedic potential, I have to say that Jack Black seemed much more busy this time than last time.

Obviously, the plot must provide a way for directed friends to voluntarily return there after the last time they destroyed the game. And it has to be said that this proves the undemanding nature of the film, because motivating one of the characters to fix the broken console and return to a lifelike gaming environment isn’t exactly the best idea. This can be forgiven, however, as both humor and action, where most of the two rely primarily on interaction and chemistry between characters, only work a second time. For which, of course, primarily charismatic representatives of game avatars.


Jumanji: Next level is above all an unpretentious and decently dripping action spectacle that follows the traces of its predecessor exactly and although it doesn’t really offer much new, the first part is at least the same. That’s exactly what we want for a relaxing adventure popcorn game. At least with number two. If this were to happen in the third episode, it would be a problem. But here we still manage to find a good balance between the (but still entertaining) elements and narrative practices that we (have) never seen and new ideas that don’t gnaw the essence of what Jumanji Spectators have fun. We get a story that goes the same way, only in a slightly different environment. The benefit of this sequel is just a slightly weaker scenario, and maybe some of the new characters and sidelines that were a bit unnecessary. I sincerely hope that the third episode will not take place, as there is likely to be nothing interesting and wearable to tell. It’s basically about meeting the definition of unpretentious popcorn entertainment where you can switch off and have a good time …

Jumanji: the next level / Jumanji: the next level
USA, 2019, 123 min
Fantasy / comedy / adventure / action
director: Jake Kasdan
Scenario: Jeff Rosner, Scott Rosenberg
Actor: Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Awkwafin, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Ser & # 39; Darius Blain, Alex Wolff, Madison Iseman, Morgan Turner, Charles Green, Massi Furlan, Nick Jonas, Dania Ramirez and many more ,