Only the more deserving fans will remember the excitement that Arnold Schwarzenegger created in 1984 with his first appearance as a T-800 terminator. And wonder, we had to wait thirty-five years to find out that he had accomplished his mission. But it’s a different time, so this wild killer helps a woman buy a car and talks about how to cook dinner. Fortunately, he hadn’t forgotten to shoot. And in Terminator: Dark Destiny, he’ll find it useful.

Mexico City is literally in the air for something to happen. We can bet that the lovers under one of the bridges will experience a different excitement than expected. A strange ball that suddenly appears in the air is a young woman falling out before her eyes. Also completely naked. It could be the beginning of a porn movie, but no one here has any idea about sex. Well, although the boy might …

from the film Terminator: Dark Destiny

The woman who saves the world

Grace was the one who vibrated the air, and it turns out it’s not a scared frog. She is a warrior who has been upgraded with some of the properties of Cyborg. She was seriously injured in one of the actions and was transformed into a strange mixture of humans and robots by the doctors. But the strangest thing about it is where it comes from – it’s from the future. In this future, artificial intelligence confronted humans and created a world in which humanity becomes a game. The one who takes the lead of humanity to lead an uprising against the Legion (that’s the name of the new ruler of the earth) is Daniela Ramos. Her loved ones call her Dani.

from the film Terminator: Dark Destiny

In the meantime, she usually goes to work. He works with his brother in a car factory. But the company begins to quit, robots are slowly taking over human work. Dani is arguing with her boss who wants to fire her brother. But soon this will no longer be her most important concern. Grace is not the only visitor in the future who is currently in Mexico City. The latest version of the Terminator, the T-X, known as Rev-9, has also arrived. The legion had sent him, and his job was clear – to destroy Ramos before thinking of fighting the robots. You can bet that it will be difficult for her to wait for her to change the future of humanity. And she has almost at the beginning, but luckily the older cowgirl Sarah Connor shows up.

from the film Terminator: Dark Destiny

Number one female

One of its creators, James Cameron, returns to the latest Terminator sequel after many years. This time not in the director’s chair, but in the role of the producer. His return also attracted the two big stars of the original film – Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800 and Linda Hamilton in the role of Sarah Connor. Both have their age and so the roles have adapted. Hamilton, who had to undergo tough military training before filming to gain experience and fitness, transformed Connor with the Terminators into a lone fighter. And the T-800? He was stuck in the human world and had nothing to do after the mission was completed. He started calling himself Carl, recognized human feelings, and found a woman with a child whom he had raised as his own son. Since he is the right modern man, he helps his wife at home and immediately runs out of the car. From the start, director Tim Miller did not hide the fact that he wanted to pursue number two and bring the series back to its original track. David Goyer, Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray are based on a story in which Cameron was again involved. If Terminator 2: The Day of Clearance has transformed Terminators # 1’s original sci-fi sound into a thoroughbred action series, then the link with Dark Destiny has definitely worked because this sequel has a real downturn. Even while the three refugees are hiding in a motel to fortify themselves.

An outraged hostility between Grace and Connor and things come to life. Fans of action scenes, filming and constant explosions should be thrilled. It’s true, sometimes the story goes a bit wrong. And it’s not so much a recent effort to show that women can be heroines. If you know number one, you get really strange when you see the exact same story, only men are suddenly women. More specifically, instead of these positive men, the roles of criminals and villains are left to men. Why not? At least Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes look pretty good. Linda Hamilton looks pretty. In order not to be accused of sexism, let’s add that Gabriel Luna looks at the world as Rev-9 and that Arnold is simply Arnold even as he grows older. But even if we go through gender propaganda, we can’t give the impression that the logic makers had to pull back a little to get as many action scenes into the film as possible. In short, the story gets stuck here, but in the end … what can we expect from an action film? Add to that a very good Ken Seng camera and a really sharp plot by Julian Clark. We guarantee that these will be worth more than two hours in the cinema.


director: Tim Miller
Scenario: Josh Friedman, Justin Rhodes, David S. Goyer and Billy Ray
processing: Julian Clarke
Camera: Ken Seng
Music: Junkie XL
Actor: Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta, Ferran Fernández, Tristan Ulloa, Tom Hopper, Enrique Arce, Manuel Pacific, Fraser James, Pedro Rudolphi, Kevin Medina, Steven Cree, Matt Devere, Karen Gagnon and Neil Corbould , Lorna Brown, Stuart McQuarrie, Jose Ceros, Shadday Lopez, Pedro Hernandez, Mariah Nonnemacher, Peter Schueller, Daniel Ibanez, Mona Martinez, Francis McBurney, Mikey Bharj, Samantha Coughlan, James Barriscale, Alejandra May, Stephanie Gil, Iria Caler Stroiman, Tata Cerez, Nick Wittman, Daniel Ortiz, Mark Hesketh, Peter Ormond, Joaquín Molla, Mario de la Rosa, Zoltan Teglas, Blair Jackson, Phillip Garcia, Cleveland Berto, Christine Horn, Pete Ploszek, Mark Weiler, Kacy Owens, Stephen Oyoung, Anisha Gibbs, Anthony Oh, Josh Wood, Aaron Kunitz, Georgia Simon, Alicia Borracher, Edward Furlong, Gabriel Luna, Tarnue Massaquoi, Brett Azar, Karoly Baksai, Ana Batuecas, Genevieve Doang, Björn Freiberg, John Gettier, Hadrian Howard, Ar mando Mundarain, Rochelle Neil, Polina Sokolskiy, Cassandra Starr, Arlette Torres, Claudia Trujillo, Istvan Áldott