Christmas should have belonged to Star Wars. And there was no suitable challenger to change this fate. So the lightsabers are the loudest.

Though the ninth episode of the classic Star Saga started below the expectations of the studio and forecasters, there are two factors that we talked about last year – practically no blockbuster competition because Jumanji 2 failed as well as the number one calendar, ideally distributed weekends and holidays so Star Wars dollars can benefit in bulk. This is quite successful, but on closer inspection it becomes clear that the saga removes positions much faster than the studio would like …

The rise of Skywalker reports some of the highest daily losses of the entire peloton – not only the embarrassment of the viewers will definitely enable it to become permanent – and on the holiday weekend when other blockbusters gained momentum (Jumanji + 33%, Frozen 2 + 27%) 60% what hurts already. For a steamer, however, the till ranking is there.

The result is $ 72 million last weekend and a shift to 361 Mega from America, considering the Christmas wealth. Skywalker’s climb is still well below the level of the Last Jedi and will likely remain so. Around 550 million are currently expected to arrive from America.

However, Disney’s accountant must be even more disappointing in the rest of the world, where a trip to a nearby galaxy isn’t a big fight. It’s a little worrying to have nearly $ 725 million in Star Wars after almost two weeks of being shown at Star Wars. Because of these failures, episode 9 actually ends up a little over a billion dollars – Disney gets the most powerful Mojo Force that has collapsed.

In the second place of the Christmas dollar harvest there is a lot to the above JumanjiThis is a lower level than last time, but thanks to the holidays, it will only rise to almost a quarter of a billion from America. On the third weekend in the cinemas another 35 melons arrived and 175 are currently being recalculated. Despite this popcornovka, the studio regrets the earnings from other continents that fell short of expectations – in the world record 460 million, which will not be enough to break three. But it goes up, goes up …

Bronze finally fought Small women, The adaptation of the great American classic, which also has strong critical support thanks to the outstanding female cast, more or less meets expectations. At Sony, however, they re-calculate 29 million after the first five days of screening (16 mega at the weekend) and can attack the 80s. We are mostly satisfied with 95% positive reviews.

Peel potatoes enthusiastically Ice Kingdom 2, Most of the money flowed to him in the fall, of course, but thanks to Christmas doping, the 450 million flowed overseas. Over the weekend, the mega-animated animation added 16 million, and it is already $ 1.21 billion worldwide. Here I would make Disney the third episode in two years because the goal is easy to satisfy … and salt them through their parents’ purses as negotiated.

Of course, much lower league plays animated Disguised spies, This family hit Fox hit, despite Will Smith’s voice-over engagement, unfortunately found no face and no financial success – which confirms Disney’s belief that he should minimize the cinematic experiments of his new charges and develop only his most profitable brands. In the first five days of screening, it certainly wanted more than 22 mega.

In the second half of the chart with nine million breasts two delicacies at the end of the year: while Johnson’s superstar plays the main role of criminals knife From America alone there are an enormous 107 million and almost a quarter of a billion worldwide, the Safdie Uncut gemstones, who would normally push for Adam Sandler’s Oscar nomination in a just world, is still running unobtrusively and reports twenty. We’ll see how high it will fly … until now it can dream of a fire.

It’s funniest to see catsit is a mega pack like wine – currently in eighth place with a total of 17 million. The long-awaited Oscar winner, who was to pillage Christmas and enter the Oscar-winning season, can look forward to the ice of the raspberries. The total ridiculousness of viewers and critics is attributed to one more bizarre case than the other (the film was also blessed by one of its main protagonists, James Corden), which makes the adaptation of the legendary musical one of the biggest problems of 2019 – and that even for decades.

The top ten are completed by two films with poor sales that were shot after real events – Eastwoods with better ratings Richard Jewell. bomb But the races of these two boxer losers will eventually improve (both still have 16 mega). Wise Hollywood puzzles will now appreciate that films inspired by the reality of the floor only belong to VOD …