This year has been particularly fruitful for interesting milestones, new films by today’s most popular creators or (not only) box office records. Here’s a summary of the most interesting things we’ve seen in the film world this year.

The most impressive was Disney. Wonder. Almost exactly 10 years later, Avatar was the most profitable film ever made. Avengers with subtitles only flooded him by $ 8 million (in the context of $ 2.7 billion) endgame, However, that’s not the end of the top 10 this year – the new Lion King ranks seventh with $ 1.6 billion. Last year only one film went to TOP10 – it was symbolically the third Avengers.

As of this year, a total of eight films have earned a billion dollars, half of which (!) Comic book adaptations – the Avengers mentioned (2.7 billion) – are new Spider-Man (1.1) Captain Marvel (1,1) a joker (1). The others were also the Lion King (1.6), Frozen 2 (1.1), Toy Story 4 (1) and Aladdin (1). Although the box office again broke records, it must be said that this year it was mainly TV streaming services.

The biggest event of the year in this regard was probably Irčan The famous director Martin Scorsese, for whom cult stars from mafia films like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel and Al Pacino returned. The film’s budget was $ 140 million, and the way Netflix dealt with it reminded that streaming services have definitely become a serious and equal competitor to large film studios. Other expected events were, for example, the continuation of the legendary Breaking Bad series entitled El Camino or strange things or Chernobyl (HBO GO).

We only saw the ninth episode at the end of the year Starwars, whose opening weekend was rather disappointing: In the first few days, she “only” earned $ 177 million, which she ranked 12th. Much better off in episodes VIII. (220 million) and VII. (248 million), which had a historic record for three years. Not surprisingly, Avengers: Infinity War, who broke the 10th episode of Star Wars a year later by 10 million to lose their record in favor of the third installment of Avengers: Endgame, $ 100 million more the first weekend earned.

Interesting statistics are also the most popular films on Google in 2019. First place is not surprising – like many other statistics, it is dominated by Avengers: Endgame, followed by Joker or Captain Marvel. Another coveted film, however, was Back in Hollywoodwho did not break the box office records, but caused a sensation primarily by the famous name Quentin Tarantino on the director’s chair, but also by the star duo Brad Pitt / Leonardo DiCaprio. The “googly” series was without a surprise Game of Thrones or Stranger Things.

The best rated film at ČSFD is Le Mans & # 39; 66followed by an animated film by Klaus, Joker or Koreans parasite, One of the best Czech films in a not very productive year is Havelka owner, the psychological television drama Cage or Marhoul Colored bird, which was honored at the Venice Festival and also shortlisted for an Oscar abroad. Radek Balaš with his second sequel, Špindler, and Zita Marinovová with the novel for advanced learners, on the other hand, can boast of the worst rating.

But in order not to end the summary negatively, let’s take a quick look at what awaits us next year. In addition to other great ride streaming services, we can look forward to another cult Ghostbusters with almost all original guides the sequel Top gunaMovie 1917 with great ambitions for the Oscars, an exciting thriller teaching by Christopher Nolan, Daniel Craig’s last bond No time to dieNew Harley Quinn and many more. We can’t wait to see what 2020 will be, but we can safely say that this year was really good …