We can see these twenty five films on TV screens every Christmas. And most of them lack the Christmas spirit. What are they?

Life is beautiful (1946)

Life is beautiful is a perfect example of a film in which you will feel comfortable. Unforgettable James Stewart plays George Bailey, the man who gets the most beautiful of all Christmas presents. He optimized the Christmas story with an excellent cast, dominated by Donna Reed and Lionel Barrymore, the immortal Frank Capra, and one of the greatest favorites of viewers and critics.

The Emperor’s Baker – The Emperor’s Baker (1951)

Historical comedy about Emperor Rudolf II, baker Matěj and the legendary Golem. This story is not exactly the historical truth, but it is extremely revealing. The story of the film takes us to Prague at Rudolf II’s imperial court. However, the emperor is more interested in art than in reign, beautiful women and an alchemical workshop. Above all, he wants to discover the elixir of youth and find the legendary golem. In the pursuit of his hobbies, the Supreme Courts, led by Chamberlain Lang, work with Rudolf’s brother Matthias, who is looking for his throne. Thanks to the unwanted confusion, the baker Matěj Kotrba, who is very similar to the emperor who is only 25 years younger, will take on the role of ruler. He can deal with treacherous courtiers, issue useful orders, and use Golem’s power for the good of all.

Proud Princess (1952)

In the midnight realm, there is an old king who has poor counselors. He also has a beautiful, but very proud daughter. Her hand is commanded by the noble King Miroslav, who pretends to be a gardener to free her from pride and win her heart.

Once upon a time there was a king … (1954)

Once there was a king and he called himself the first. He wanted to surrender to the government of the three daughters who liked him. Drahomira loves him as gold, the singer as gold in his throat and the youngest Maruska as salt. The king is annoyed with ordinary salt, drives Maruska out of the castle and orders all salt in the kingdom to be destroyed. However, she soon finds out that salt cannot live and admits that Maruška was right. In the meantime, all princesses will find the right groom – a gardener, a bagpiper and a fisherman. And since the king knows that he is better off living in two, he will marry the widow Kubát. And so the fairy tale ends with a big wedding together.

Dařbuján and Pandrhola (1959)

The hero is poor miner Kuba Dařbuján, who takes care of his Markitka and eleven children. No wonder they rarely eat enough. And this crow will carry her next. After his birth, Cuba went looking for his godfather. He rejects the old man (God) because he is only good for the rich, the hunter (devil), but he will gladly accept the offer of the chisel (death), which is equally indiscriminate for everyone. The mortal will offer him a covenant. Cuba becomes a doctor. If the mortal is at the foot of the bed, he can heal the patient, if he is upside down, the patient is no longer a help. Cuba agrees and the next day she heals. After a long reluctance, he will finally help the rich and greedy master brewer Pandrhol, even though he violates the convention. Pandrhola will also let Mortal Hammer into a big barrel to get rid of it once and for all. But since then, nobody and nothing can die. Neither human nor animal. And that’s uncomfortable.

Father Frost (1964)

Once upon a time there was an old man who had a good and hardworking daughter, Nastenka, but who had married an evil woman, whom she mistreated as her spoiled daughter Marfus. And because Marfus hadn’t taken much of her beauty, the stepmother hated graceful Nastenka and wondered how to get rid of her until she finally drove her into the woods for a hell of a winter, hoping to be frozen or eaten by wolves. Fortunately, the magical Mrazík, the guardian of the winter forest, the Tsar Metelica and the storm took care of the snow-covered trees in the forest. And because he was just, he helped the Nastenians and they took care of it. And at the same time, but in another place again, a handsome, strong man, Ivan, was born. He overpowered the robbers he had dealt with, but the grandfather insulted the foal so that he became a bear and had to do good deeds to regain his human face. You know everything exactly because you have been watching this fairy tale on TV screens every year for over thirty years.

The Angry Sad Princess (1968)

Music fairy tale Madly sad princess is primarily intended for small – but not the smallest audience. It tells the story of a prince and princess from neighboring countries who are friends and who are supposed to get married, as their wise fathers and their advisors have decided. However, royal children want to decide their own fate, and they also want to choose a life partner they like, not one that is determined by governmental reasons.

Night in Karlstein (1973)

He said: My dear, I have a shadow, I just played my pride … Who wouldn’t know the central melody of the music film by Zdeněk Podskalský! It was created after the play of the same name by Jaroslav Vrchlický from 1884. We will visit the time of the reign of Charles IV, who built Karlštejn as a fortress to guard the coronation jewels and allegedly prohibited women from staying there. Queen Elisabeth of Pomerania was plagued by cruel jealousy – what is Mister Gatte doing there at night? So she decided to enter the castle disguised as an arm and find out the truth. Young Alena, who had fallen in love with one of the castle’s crew, had the same idea on the same day. Of course there will be many tricky situations …

Three nuts for Cinderella (1973)

Cinderella is a nice, nice girl without a mother and then without a father, who she leaves to her other wife and daughter. Neither like Cinderella and try, among other things, to prevent them from participating in a ball at which the prince should finally find a bride. But the fate of Cinderella is more desirable than both bad women …

How to Tear a Whale Stool (1977)

The extremely lively and enterprising student Vašek lives alone with his mother, but in the evenings she devotes more to him than to ballet. “All boys have a father, only I don’t have a dog!” Vašek complains, so his mother tries to “arrange” a new husband (and father). During this recovery, he meets a likeable Luboš. An extremely successful family comedy by Marie Poledňáková and several times to see not only thanks to an interesting plot and funny dialogues, but above all because of the great performances by Jana Preissová, František Němec and above all because of the irresistible Tomáš Holý.

The World Enjoys You (1982)

The men’s three-year ride becomes a kind of kindergarten in the winter landscape thanks to the sharp intervention of their women. It turns out that in certain situations, fathers are better mothers than mothers themselves, especially when there are no mothers in sight. Your pedagogical methods are very peculiar and cause a lot of confusion and funny situations …

Three Veterans (1983)

Three retired soldiers: the Pankrac artillery, the Dragoon Bimbac and the military chef Servac are without money after their release from the army and travel the world. You get magical gifts from good-natured goblins: a harp that “makes” soldiers, servants, etc., a top hat that conjures up what you can think of, and … Three veterans wonder how best to handle the gifts and finally leaves for the Monte Albo kingdom. where Bimbac falls in love with Princess Bosana. Bosana is not only beautiful, but also treacherous and deprives soldiers of all gifts gradually and lets them be driven away. While he and the king rejoice in what they can do with magical things, it takes a long time for the soldiers to understand what is really important to them in the world. Then the dwarfs reappear and lead the veterans to the magical fruit trees. After that, Bosan’s long nose grows, which even crosses the borders of the kingdom. Only fruits from the other tree can help her …

The Devil Isn’t Fun (1984)

Greedy stepmother removes everything from his stepson Peter, including his father’s legacy. Meanwhile, Petr meets the local prince’s daughters when he saves them on a horse-drawn horseback ride and catches him with a challenging Angelina. But Peter means nothing to her. Her friendly and humble sister Adelka immediately falls in love with Peter. Peter’s stepmother hides nothing, and to get rid of him, he conspires with the local administrator to forge against Peter and send him to prison and then to the army. But Peter runs away and runs through the world. When he no longer knows where to go, he meets a loyal and just friend of the devil himself.

The Endless Story (1984)

The fairytale fantasy for young and old audiences was shot in 1984 by director Wolfgang Petersen at a cost of around $ 27 million. The film was shot in Munich studios and visited by many trick specialists. It is the story of a little boy Bastien who gets a magic book in his bookstore. The boy hides from his pursuers, and the old owner soon notices the boy’s interest in the book. As she reads, Bastien becomes part of the Endless Story. History addresses the need for understanding, human emotions, and imagination, without which the existence of the fantasy realm that is part of each of us is not possible. The successful film has two further sequels, the hero of which takes Bastien again.

Village My Center (1985)

Here you can meet the strange and charming Doctor Skružný, the driver of a Pávek cooperative truck, and his mentally retarded Otik, whom Pávek treats as his own, although Otík in its simplicity prepares one trick after another, his jealous Hrubý Turek wife Jana and her Beloved, the animal breeder Kašpar, the academic painter Ryba and many other quirky characters who live in the village center Křečovice. Their fates intertwine in a series of comic and somewhat bitter episodes about Pávka’s main motif, which after a series of accidents refuses to drive with a mentally retarded otik, but then doesn’t step aside when Rumlena’s Prager has a plan, him get rid of Otík Rákosník because the director of the company where Rumlena is acting as a proxy expresses interest in buying Otík’s cottage from his parents. When Otík is sent to Prague for a lucrative offer, where he is supposed to work in Kovodrevo and live in an apartment block, he intervenes and prevents the plan.

Christmas vacation (1989)

Family goes for the Christmas tree. Mom and Dad sing, two teenagers are poisoned. Papa Clark wants to experience the Christmas he always wanted – cutting his own tree, the whole family at the table … The others are not very excited, but they are helping. He felled a tree about five meters high, which then liquidated part of the house. The grandmothers and grandfathers have arrived and everyone is working hard to create a happy Christmas atmosphere. Nothing is going well, as Clark imagines, a painter is chasing a painter …

Pretty Woman

Hollywood. Vivian enters the sidewalk and dreams of a prince riding a white horse. One evening she accidentally meets the beautiful, lonely and somewhat mysterious millionaire Edward Lewis, who takes her to the magnificent hotel suite. She lets her sleep peacefully and makes a surprising offer in the morning. He wants Vivian to be with him in public all week. The girl in her “work” outfit in a luxury hotel looks like a tarantula on a sponge cake and even the money that Edward generously endowed her with does not allow her to get a suitable wardrobe. At the last moment a fatherly hotel manager comes to help the crying girl. Gradually, the transformation of a hooker into a tall lady begins. A change that everyone except Edward will notice. The week is slowly over and Vivian falls in love. A sudden luxury, but mostly to its protector. She seems to have found her prince. But she doesn’t want a faithful, good and beautiful woman. He wants to keep Vivian as a lover. The girl would have agreed a week ago, but love had connected with pride and Vivian wanted to leave. Edward realizes his mistake. In white Rolls-Royce, with a bouquet of flowers and an umbrella instead of a sword, he reaches for his bride. Life in Hollywood continues.

Alone at home – Alone at home 2 (1990 – 1992)

“I think we left something important at home,” said Ms. McCallister to her husband on an airplane that flies across the Atlantic to Paris. They have no idea that what they forgot at home is the youngest member of their big family, Kevin. This is how the most successful film of 1990 begins, a Christmas comedy about a forgotten son and two clumsy robbers. Kevin doesn’t panic at all, on the contrary. After all, he can do anything he can’t. Roll the carpet on roller skates, eat ice cream and watch inaccessible films. But his happiness doesn’t last long. There are two thieves who address the McCallister house. Again, however, Kevin will not go mad and work hard with the robbers. It makes the house a deadly trap. Despite all the freedom and fun with the robbers, it is slowly starting to be missing.

Beds (1999)

Stories of a historical generation – aging parents, teenagers and small children. The action takes place in the late 1960s – autumn 67 to summer 68 with a short epilogue from the 1970s. The Prague residential district of Hanspaulka, subtle poetics and humorous exaggeration are characteristic of the mosaic narrative of the parallel life of three generations of men and women in a special period in our history in 1968.


Grinch was born like all Kdos from Kdosice. On a cold night he landed in his paraplifter on the doorstep of two good-natured sisters, Rose and Clare. They had loved him with love, even though they knew from the first moment that they were different from the other young children. At the age of eight, Grink’s beard and hair turned green and his colleagues accompanied him with ridicule at every step. At that time, before Christmas, he left home, closed everyone, refused to celebrate Christmas, which is almost sacred to the residents of Kdosice, and settled in a deep cave high above the city. Since then it has been a nightmare for all Kdoviki and Kdovinky for years. It frightens them and worse their remorse. The city streets live before the hustle and bustle of Christmas, which multiplies the preparations for the celebration of Kdoslav’s anniversary. At this time, the brave Cindy Lou, Grinch and his dog Max personally invited them to laugh and make up with the whores. Everything turns out differently than the little girl had imagined, because Grinch is a real specialty and with two hearts two figures smaller. It was only when he found out that Christmas could not be stolen because it could not even be bought, did it grow to a normal size … The Grinch story, inseparable from American Christmas, is a narrow book written by the author Theodor S Hostage illustrated. Soon after its first release in 1937, it became a bestseller, so the filmmakers already printed it as a cartoon. This is her first feature film.

Heavenly Love (2003)

Heavenly Love, a romantic comedy in the style of Four Weddings and One Funeral, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones & # 39; Diary, takes us to contemporary London before Christmas, where a story is made up of many wonderful love stories – sometimes romantic, sometimes sad , sometimes foolish. None of them miss their distinctive sense of humor. Wherever you look, love causes chaos. From the newly appointed prime minister, who falls in love with Downing Street 30 seconds after taking office, to a sandwich seller who is simply unlucky with girls in the UK and therefore leaves for Wisconsin; From a writer who got a basket and went to the south of France to comfort his aching heart, to an aging rock star who tries to come back at all costs. from the bride who worries her husband’s best friend to the woman her husband worries about; From the boy who looked at the prettiest girl in school to his stepfather who looked at Claudia Schiffer. These London lives and loved ones will meet on Christmas Eve, mingle and eventually culminate with romantic, irritating and comical consequences for everyone involved.

Angel of the Lord – Angel of the Lord 2 (2005 – 2016)

It is early morning, on Christmas Eve, and heaven is about to celebrate the great birthday of Jesus. Our Lady (Klára Issová) and St. Veronika (Veronika Žilková) bake mountains of sweets, the three wise men prepare a cake and the choir of angels rehearses Christmas carols. Only one angel seemed to be here and seemed to be at everyone’s feet – Petronel (Ivan Trojan), stubborn, awkward and broken. What he touches will spoil, but he will never admit his mistake. Soon he will send all the saints against himself. The only one who is still patient with Petronel is the Lord God himself (Jiří Bartoška), but Petronel is insulted after all. As a punishment, he will be sent to the earthly world to correct one sinner, otherwise he will end up as a fallen angel in hell on Christmas Eve. The frightened Petronel, who has turned into a beggar, goes among mortals whose lives he does not know. Its leader is the humorous devil Uriáš (Jiří Dvořák), who greatly appreciates Petronel’s merit. Petronel wanders through the snow region and tries to find his sinner to fix his head. But he has no idea about human desires, desires, worries and loved ones.