Attila Végh is a Slovak MMA fighter who is the only one in the history of the Czech and Slovak Republic to have won the world title in the American organization Bellator. Now a documentary is coming to the cinemas that documents his entire life journey. Check out the latest trailer.

The documentary Attila tracks and maps the lifelong story of an athlete and a modern Slovak star Attily Végha, The film captures the most important chapters of his life since early childhood. Thanks to the story of his family, his loved ones, friends, colleagues, athletes, artists, singers, rivals and the now unpublished archive material, the viewer can take a look at his life and follow the steps that led him to the role of an MMA fighter. many assumptions since childhood.

World champion story it also shows the path of a humble boy from Gabčík to the MMA throne in the United States. The film also confronts his career so far, revealing his losses and more behind the scenes. An interesting aspect is the observation of the development of MMA as such, currently the most dynamic sport in the world. The viewer experiences the story not only of world champion Attila Végh, but also of Attila Végh, who has been in use in Austria for five years, and of Attila Végh, who has become a role model for today’s generation.

Attila Végh’s story is a story of effort, determination, strength, but also friendship that will last a lifetime. As part of the upcoming documentary, the viewer will not only see a sports career, but also a struggle with life itself and a struggle for the opportunity to have a sports career at all. In history we encounter waves of success, but also waves of loss and despair. Last but not least, the documentary follows the preparations for the fight against the century very closely Karlos “Terminator” Vémol and the game itself.

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