One of the projects that is slowly being forgotten. Nevertheless, the upcoming sequels of the first could be summarized Avatar from 2009 one of the most profitable films of all time. The visionary director, screenwriter and producer James Cameron has since worked on several sequels, the first of which is set to be released in cinemas in 2021. Art has now appeared on Twitter and outlines selected locations of the film and confirms the news that in the next section we will look at the Pandoran Oceans and the new tribes of the Na

The artistically beautifully rendered images therefore give us a strong desire to return to a visually captivating fictional world that is becoming reality thanks to modern technology. Even if you will be shooting the most profitable film of all time (most recently released) until recently avenger) not interested, so you have to admit that it looks really great.

The publication was accompanied by a visualization of the appearance of the new Mercedes-Benz, which was advertised (and obviously inspired) in connection with the world of the avatar. The design of the car was influenced by the upcoming films. The following sequels are intended to transform Avatar into a more or less family saga that aims to fight people. The open ending that had the first episode will surely play a big role in the events that follow. According to Worthington, Jake Sully and his family will visit Pandora’s unexplored locations.

This awakens many and we can look forward to creatively designed, new parts of the colorful world. In addition, the reference to the family indicates a certain leap in the plot when the main character became not just a respected warlord and hero, a mythical prophecy called Toruk Maktobut also from my father. The leap will be eight years. Sully managed to marry Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and become the boss. The war against the people will endanger their peaceful life on Pandora.

As we know, Cameron has no problems shooting in the ocean in the new locations. Not even when taking underwater pictures. So let’s look into the Pandoran Oceans. Sully and her children will be thrilled to discover this unknown part of the world for him, and according to Worthington, it will be something we haven’t seen before. So we will focus on the more experienced and older Jake and his family. The past few years could add some depth to the character as it was a bit flatter in the first film. Sam Worthington was not idle during this time, and it would certainly be nice to know his hero better if he were more charismatic. The films should be shot at the same time. Conclusion: We will see a lot more of Pandora, the main character will be older and more mature, with an extended family and a purpose in the new world. Unfortunately we have to wait for more details.

Avatar 2 (maybe) go to theaters on December 17, 2021 to follow on December 22, 2023 Avatar 3; then on December 19, 2025 Avatar 4; and finally on December 17, 2027 Avatar 5,