Award-winning document Deferred case: Hammarskjöld brings the Czech television distribution company Artcam Films. Check out the trailer.

They set out to discover one of the greatest secrets of the 20th century. And they found much more than they expected. On September 18, 1961, a plane crashed with UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld near the Zambian city of Ndola. Nobody survived the accident. But was it really an accident? Wasn’t that the attack? Is Hammarskjöld the main Cold War victim? Or has it been removed by Western intelligence agencies to support the free African states? More than fifty years later, the Danish documentary filmmaker Mads Brügger and the Swedish private investigator Göran Björkdahl went on a cold trail. Who is the killer and who is the victim? Who is the mystifier and who is telling the truth? Brügger created a nifty mixture of thriller, spy thriller, documentary and thoughtful mystification that entices viewers into a game full of cunning and lies.

Mads Brügger is a Danish documentary filmmaker and television presenter. In his work, which mainly focuses on events in the Third World, he works with an element of mystification and false identity. Your groundbreaking document Red ribbon (2009) filmed Brügger in North Korea, where a few Danish comedians with Korean roots return and discreetly reveal the regime’s absurdity. In the movie ambassador From 2012, the author of the Liberian ambassador will reveal the machinations with diplomatic titles in Africa and the subsequent abuse of the local diamond market. The Liberian government was so affected by the film that it took steps to accuse the author and other actors of the document. In a new film Deferred case Hammarskjöld Brügger plays the role of a detective, leader and provocative manipulator on the trail of one of the greatest secrets of the 20th century. His latest film was nominated for the prestigious LUX Prize.

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