First Teaser Morbia is a triumph for Sony Studio. There is evidence of the wonderful film universe that was missing in Venom last year. You may still remember the legendary interview with Amy Pascal and Kevin Feig, in which a spider film producer announced that Sony’s negative solos would get stuck on the MCU. The wonderful boss was sitting next to her with a rather dismayed expression, because he certainly didn’t want that. Unfortunately, his nightmare came true two and a half years later – and you may be wondering exactly what led to it.

Where should I start? We could go back to 1998 when Marvel was in financial trouble and offered most of the Marvelist heroes (Iron Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Thor, etc.) Sony rights to … get something … 25 million Dollar. The powerful studio then said that these losers were not interested in anyone and only bought Spider-Man for 7 million. This shop seemed to make sense at the time. From today’s perspective, however, it is a total drift, whose regular anniversary everyone should hit the table.

However, in 2011 the situation reversed and the financial problems had to be solved by Sony. What did you think of? During the production of Amazing Spider-Man, Studio Disney sold all of Spidey’s merchandising rights for $ 175 million (of course, she didn’t want to give up her film rights). However, after the financial failure of Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was essentially a big trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4, Venoma and Sinister Six, Spidey’s entire future had to be overcome in 2014.

I’m not going to tell you anything new here. Kevin Feige talked to Amy Pascal so Spider-Man could manage him creatively. Marvel borrowed it for three films (Captain America 3, Avengers 3 and 4), of which they hadn’t seen a dollar at Sony, and Feige invented two solos for his studio home (Homecoming, Far from Home), for which he was only symbolic Awards received 5% of sales. He wanted to prove that Spider-Man could do the right thing. And as soon as he made it (Sony is the most profitable film ever with $ 1.1 billion in sales), he returned to the negotiating table.

At Sony, they wanted to continue on the same financial terms. Cowardly Chefs from Disney, however, argued that the original deal was made when Spider-Man was finished (709 million Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the lowest sales in the series), and suggested that 50:50 solo solo Races should take place. Disney and Sony would have halved costs and split their winnings in half, which would actually mean that Sony would earn a much smaller amount for Spider-Man’s future (Feigem fully serviced) than for homecoming and far from home.

At the moment it was written on August 21, 2019, and the Sony gentlemen came up to the table saying that there is no threat to the deal (especially if they rid themselves of their merchandising rights so absurdly). So the Internet mourned Spidey’s departure from the MCU for a month, but on September 27, 2019, a reversal occurred and it was announced that a brand new deal had been started. Spider-Man appears in another miracle, and Feige takes care of his third solo, which Disney and Sony share in a 25:75 ratio. However, this concession required the manifestation of Fig’s nightmare … and here we finally reach Morbi.

For many years he has been working at Sony to create a cosmic spider universe (they have rights to around 900 characters … so no one knows 850), and Venom became his starting point. After its incredible financial success ($ 856 million on a 100 mega budget), the studio realized that the key to success was a crucial thing. Viewers must think that the films with Spider-Man’s opponents are Kevin Marige’s new wonder films (even if they are far from being). The continuation of Spidey’s life in the MCU was therefore due to the painful addition that Sony allows everywhere to watch his own MCU films, Spider-Man’s solo solo from Fig’s head.

Yes, here is the complicated catch. Morbius and Venom 2 cannot refer to Marvelou’s MCU films (don’t expect references to Iron Man or Avengers) and can’t use the characters from Spidey’s solo characters that first appeared in MCU (Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Happy Hogan etc.). On the other hand, Tom Holland as Spider-Man and all the events and characters of his soloists will get the most out of it, and this is where Teaser Morbia grabs the Marvelist handles.

The poster with Spidey (by the way from last year’s PS4 video game, because the graphic designers will not take much effort), which is decorated with the inscription “Killer”, refers directly to the far away hiking scene in which everyone thinks Spider-Man killed Mysteria. So Morbius was hacked into the MCU as the first movie to track the end of the infinity saga (Black Widow is a prequel), and you can take the poison to boost it like Venoma.

What about the second big link? Michael Keaton first appeared as a vulture in homecoming, and it is unclear whether he was chased by a contract hook or check in Morbia. Regardless of whether it’s one or the other, the captured scene of the teaser definitely connects the wonderful universe to that of the soybean and cemented Amy Pascal’s plans to parasitize the films without Feige overseeing his 12-year-old child.

Many people wonder if it will work the other way around – and here the answer should be loud. Apparently, Marvelist films (and series) will never recognize the existence of Hardy Venom and Leto Morbio just because he hasn’t revived these characters and cast figs, so he doesn’t want anything to do with it. So the situation will be very similar to the Marvelous series on Netflix that Feige’s (now defeated) opponent Jeph Loeb made, and no matter what he tried, Daredevil, Punisher, or Jessica Jones had never been spoken on the screen.

This is how Feige will watch his films (Black Widow, Eternals, Shang-Chi, Doktor Strange 2, Thor 4, Black Panther 2, Blade, Captain Marvel 2, Rangers of Galaxy 3, Fantastic Four, X-Meni) and series on Disney + ( The Hawk and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, What if …?, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Moon Knight). In addition, Sony will develop the third Spider-Man solo that will hit theaters on July 16, 2021 (and, like its predecessors, be a full MCU), and arrange a visit to the Marvelous film arranged by Spidey.

What happens at Sony without its supervision? After Morbi July, Venom 2 comes in October and you can take the poison to link the two films so closely together (mutual camouflage?) And full of allowed links to homecoming and far from home (Cam Spider-Man, Geier, J. Jonah Jameson etc.). ). In addition, Sony Solo Nightwatch, Kravena, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Madame Web, Jackpot, Silk and probably young aunts may. And as you can imagine, the ultimate goal is the Sinister Six teammate, who rose again immediately after Venom’s success and now nothing prevents Spider-Man from being there.

So be ready for … total confusion among viewers and lots of explanations as to which Marvel tricks aren’t really Marvel tricks, just the Sáňské attempts to feed on Fig’s success. A completely empty Morbia teaser is a pretty scary idea, but everyone has to get their hands dirty. And of course that’s double true in Hollywood.