It was a long wait. Together Twilight of the Dead is the first Zombieland one of the most popular cult zombie comedies of all time (by the way, we counted it among the top ten) best recordings of this subgenre). The fans have been demanding a sequel since its premiere. This was supposed to happen in a serial version in which the film characters were portrayed by other actors. It only stayed with the pilot. Until it looked like a full-featured sequel just wasn’t going to happen. In the end, however, it’s been here for a decade (the timing couldn’t be better – for its 10th anniversary). Could you wait

Film sequences for popular films often suffer from many problems. Usually they try to be different. Especially popcorn cans. Trying to be bigger, more bombastic and just better happens often and is not exactly the father of thought. The essence of what his audience loved so much in the original work would disappear. U nové Zombieland The creators seem to understand and serve us everything that has made number one a great black comedy. They just gave it a little more adult rating. However, blood sprays and darker shades are a good contrast to actors who are getting a bit older (at least with Eisenberg and Stone, most clearly with Harrelson, who is in his sixties, and Breslin, who of course will not be playing in her twenty-three). , Although it is not so much visible on them. I personally did Zombieland from 2009 there was only one problem – and that was the fact that it is a family comedy that humiliates the zombie genre a bit and spoils the factuality. From here it is only a step towards the children’s zombie animators, toys and similar curiosities, which I do not only walk twice with the living corpses.

Fortunately, the days when the inaccessible film didn’t make that much money in the cinema were over. Not the v double-tap (A shot of certainty I am sorry that I am worse off with the keyboard. There were intestines and intestines on every corner, but there is more blood. Even if you don’t see anything that shocks you. But if you know what to expect from this film (which you probably know when it comes to sequels), you won’t be disappointed. A black comedy with exaggerated and childish humor and a lot of strange characters that you can only love. Of course, like in number one, a good-natured tough guy plays here – Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), but he is also supported by the rest of the old cast. It is thanks to the actors that even after ten years the roles are still like a glove and the chemistry works great for them. You feel like you have a show with good friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. You will also forgive the already strongly pressed central issue of the unequal family, which will finally overcome a disagreement.

Of course, this is a sequel, so there are a couple of new characters (some temporary, some not) that complement the original perfectly. Of course, some changes have been made to the world of zombies. It is not surprising that they will be the source of many gags. The concept of some jokes is taken from number one and tightened to perfection, of course I won’t mention what. But it all works very well and doesn’t bother the established archetypes. Which is actually good in this case. Nobody expects a revolutionary work with the genre from this kind of film, but a fair and entertaining recovery. What handles to one. double-tap is not taken unnecessarily seriously and knows very well where it belongs, or is not afraid to delve deeply into other genre companions (Dawn of the Dead, Walking Dead). Wonderful sounding soundtrack that goes back to established rock classics or a unique narrative style when one of the characters regularly enters the story with spoken comments and changes of action (in fact like in the first episode at the beginning of the story).


After so long, everything could happen. But it is good that there was no pressure to complete the project. Movie Zombie Land: A Shot of Security you could read something else. That she is childish, little horror, childishly simple, full of clichés. But it is everything it is not. A simple veil hides an excellently rendered story with funny humor and excellently written and played characters, in which only a stronger and more effective finale is missing. This is compared to the ending sequence of the first Zombieland in the fair is considerably weaker, even if it is quite fateful anyway. However, all of this makes up for the rest of the film, which is much more active than number one. Otherwise, this sequel did not disappoint. On the contrary, he is pleasantly surprised and at least keeps up with his predecessor. You will laugh often and loudly. The characters will cheer and if you wait for the headlines, you will get an excellent icing on the cake. What more do you want from a popcorn act?

Zombie Land: The Wound of Certainty / Zombie Land: Double Tap
USA, 2019, 97 min
Action / comedy / horror
director: Ruben Butcher
Scenario: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Dave Callaham
Actor: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stein, Abigail Breslin, Zoey Deutch, Rosario Dawson, Bill Murray, Luke Wilson and more.