Jiří Suchý’s work is so extensive that a biographical film about his personality requires a strict and subjective selection of his work. My goal is to make a film about the life journey of a man who, in addition to his talent for theater and singing, also led his personal and civil life. I want to introduce him not only as a comedian, but also as a man who had to deal with the adversities of the regime and fate“The director and screenwriter Olga Sommer described her approach to the central character of the documentary. Did she manage to achieve her goals?
Jiří Suchý
Almost everyone knows. A person who has indelibly shaped our (not only) theater history, a man with many abilities and a man who has somehow been embedded in the memory or influenced the lives of most of us. The well-known and award-winning documentary filmmaker Olga Sommer pursued the goal of depicting his journey through life.

Sommer has had several biographical documents, Your last redgot Czech lion for the best documentarytwo previous The magical voice of a rebel a Vera 68 were nominated for the same award. To be an experienced and rightly acclaimed documentary filmmaker does not dispute this here either. And the intentions she set out in the introduction to this review have certainly been fulfilled.

Throughout the film, Sommer Suchý lets his lifestyle, the various joys and sufferings that he encountered be told. It runs from the main chronological line through various related stories and scenes. Time orientation is therefore not always easy. However, this is not entirely harmful, as it at least succeeds in placing events in a different meaningful context.

A lot of information may not be new to the viewer, but it is mainly presented from the mouth of Mr. Suchý, his appearance and his typical narrative style and humor. This makes the film extremely pleasant, pleasant and at times when the viewer does not record familiar melodies, he has a satisfied, amused smile. Of course, other people with a certain time / places / people related to the story appear in the documentary, and their narrative fits perfectly with the main protagonist’s memory.

As already mentioned several times, the documentary is about Jiří Suchý’s (particularly creative) life. Of course, it is also a kind of probe for the history of theater from the last century to the present. However, it doesn’t bother to explain them or put them in a temporal or local context. It probably works well for a viewer who knows at least some basic facts, not even a particular superstructure. However, if the viewer does not have much information, the document can be lost in some places. Some (albeit iconic) locations are removed from the spatial context and may only be placed with a “Prague bubble”. We do not receive help for individuals who may be more difficult to identify, especially younger viewers. Occasional explanations or information for the viewer would certainly not hurt.

Missing headlines or brief, occasional explanations help them get better and may rob the documentary of some potential viewers. It could work very well, in addition to Mr. Suchý’s life story (which is definitely not enough), as a very pleasant excursion into theater history (given the importance of the protagonist) for younger viewers who are interested in many places or people in one Learn to bend documentation only from books or hearsay.


No wonder that the film won the audience award at this year’s KVIFF. In short, it is a very pleasant and above all sweet story of Mr. Suchý about his life. He manages to speak with a bright voice and grace about all the joys and sorrows that have made him in his life. Make up with his typical humor and you just like to listen to it. And despite all the shortcomings of the film, the viewer leaves the cinema with a smile on his face and a direct feeling that is not in vain at all.

Jiri Suchy – take on life with ease / Jiri Suchy – take on life with ease
Czech Republic, 2019, 102 min
director: Olga Sommerová
Scenario: Olga Sommerová
Actor: Jiří Suchý