When you’re out Jokera I’m waiting for a comic film to be made. So it’s good to say that you will be disappointed. Followers have already suggested that it will be something else. A dirty and hard psychological thriller that depicts the breakup of a crazy creature and plays directly parallel to the breakup of a big city and actual society as a whole. joker is different. It’s tough, uncompromisingly icy and brutal. With the exception of some elements and links (which you may find after looking again), this isn’t very weird. Ani artový. But is that a good thing?
In my opinion definitely yes. Though I wouldn’t resist the true-to-life film development of the comic, the anti-hero deep message film directed by Todd Phillips is definitely one of the great film events this year. From the perspective of the future joker, we see an enemy world in which basic concepts like good and evil are supported by an all-encompassing laziness. This is also due to the real elements that were borrowed from real historical events. Gotham conquered New York in the 1970s, where large garbage strikes occurred. The city was full of garbage, violence, protests and filth. And all of this is clearly visible from the first minute. Joaquin Phoenix is ​​charismatic and fascinating. Every gesture, replica or facial expression draws your attention. He was able to portray a figure who, thanks to the influence of the environment and the probe in her head, will cheer in some moments, at least regret it in others.

In addition, the main character has certain psychological and downright health problems that cause the typical properties of Joker from the beginning. Without revealing the plot, let’s mention the look of the actor who wasn’t afraid to lose weight for the role. Dirt behind the nails, yellowed teeth and long, greasy hair only illustrate the misery that is directly related to the decay of the metropolis Gotham. We observe a simple poor man living with his mother and longing to become a stand-up comedian while working as a clown in a dubious group of similar existence to him. From the first minute, however, we see that it is different. His madness later fully manifests itself, which is perfectly represented by several unexpected twists and turns. I read somewhere that in this film Phillips exposes the title character to many negative experiences and events that outshine him like a boy Painted bird,

But unlike him, he’s not just her joker heavily influenced, in a way even their centerpiece. And how it gradually begins to reveal itself – not just in the madman’s head, but really. Although Joker was created as a comic character much earlier, there is also a clear inspiration from the well-known American serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who disguises himself as a clown and, among other things, influences Stephen King (whatever he denies) penny-wise in clowns The, Here, however, the clown is more of a starter than a source of scandal for big changes in society. As unique as possible. Speaking of comic inspiration, the influence of the cult Joke to kill by Alan Moore, if only under certain aspects – especially that the future pale criminal prince began as an unsuccessful stand-up comedian.

As already done, Fleck has something behind it. And with you. Mental problems. He’s not entirely right mentally. It’s worth noting that the film works great not only with a brilliant narrative that amazingly accurately portrays the gradually frenzied madness, but also with all the elements that maximize this creative intent. For example with music that almost allows us to look into Fleck’s head, but also with a camera, editing and everything else. Of course not to mention Phoenix acting anymore. The environment in which the leading actor Arthur Fleck moves is the lowest that has ever existed for the “best”. In contrast, there are the characters of Thomas Wayne and television presenter Murray Franklin that, however positive they may appear, are morally ambiguous. Most importantly, both play a very important role in Fleck’s transformation into one of the greatest negative characters pop culture has ever known (and not only).

Still, it’s not so much a joker film, but rather how little it is enough to get something big going. The little is in some ways in each of us, and everyone can be the cause of great events. Become your symbol. Even the transformation into the embodiment of evil has the immense symbolism with which the film is permeated. At the same time, it is pointed out how some terms are perfectly relative in certain extremely tense situations. In a place where violence and general indifference literally persist at every step, Joker’s madness not only seems perfectly justified, but above all understandable to the viewer. Of course, the film draws very openly from the work of its producer, the otherwise famous director Martin Scorsese – especially his film Taxi Driver, to which he sometimes refers to almost identical scenes and also the presence of an actor. Of course we are talking about Robert De Niro, who is the moderator.

Final Words

joker Aside from the atmosphere, it is of course based on the excellent performance of Joaquin Phoenix, who may have put all the other filmmakers of this role in his pocket. Paradoxically, it is his greatest asset that makes him such a good film – that it is not very funny. It is the tragicomedy of a troubled fate of an insignificant, sick person who gets into the epicenter of great events – and is then its symbol and a biased impulse that falls into the arms of madness in search of its own past and identity. It also draws a series of shades of cult figures that are known to virtually everyone who is not entirely indifferent to modern pop culture. Immersing yourself in the comic universe DC and being connected to a particular hero (we can see little Bruce Wayne in the trailer) is obvious at the end when everything somehow fits and the influence of the main character is fully expressed. Uncompromising, bloody and brutal – this is a bold film that, despite everything, is not afraid to be extremely imaginative and has revolutionary potential in many ways. Many comic book fans are not happy, but otherwise I find it difficult to find negative. The feedback from Venice was certainly not a lie. This is a film event.

USA, 2019, 122 min
Crime / thriller / drama
director: Todd Phillips
Scenario: Scott Silver, Todd Phillips
Actor: Joaquín Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, Brett Cullen, Frances Conroy, Shea Whigham, Glenn Fleshler, Bill Camp, Douglas Hodge, Dante Pereira-Olson, Alissa Borowski, Isabella Ferreira, Tamiz U. Rezvi and much more.